Key Services Elevate Your Debt Recovery with Robust and Proven Strategies

At the forefront of Scotland’s premier debt recovery and credit control law firms, we specialise in implementing powerful strategies to resolve both disputed and undisputed debts.

  • Pre-Litigation

    You do not always need to take court action to recover what is owed – often, talking with the customer through e-mail, phone or letter is enough. Before starting official legal proceedings, we recommend you send a Letter Before Action (pre-sue letter).

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  • Court Action

    If court action is necessary, experience has taught us that the quicker you start legal proceedings, the better chance you have of recovery. As soon as we receive your instructions, we move into action and can issue proceedings anywhere in Scotland.

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  • Fast-Track Collection

    If you are concerned about payment of a large debt and think your debtor is in financial difficulty, you should consider fast-track collection. This is available for individuals and limited companies, but the debt must be undisputed.

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  • Judgment Enforcement

    Our goal is to recover as much cash as possible for you as quickly as possible, and there is a range of pre- and post-judgment remedies available.

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  • Strategic Insolvency Proceedings for Effective Debt Recovery

    At our core, we believe that swift legal action enhances the likelihood of successful debt recovery. Explore our insolvency services to maximise your chances of reclaiming what you are owed.

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  • Vehicle Repossessions

    Law firms, debt collection firms, finance companies and lease companies could benefit from our Vehicle Repossession Service.

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