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Key Services

Pre-Litigation Services

You do not always need to take court action to recover what is owed – often, talking with the customer through e-mail, phone or letter is enough.

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Letter Before Action
(pre-sue letter)

Before starting official legal proceedings, we recommend you send a Letter Before Action (LBA/pre-sue letter). The cost of this ranges from £15 - £25 (plus VAT) and is a straightforward step that involves issuing a letter to your debtor requesting payment within seven days.

You also have the option to reinforce the message with an e-mail or text. We recommend that a Letter Before Action is a good starting point, and is often enough to prompt a response and payment – many of our clients have recovered thousands of pounds simply by doing this.

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What are the options?

We offer the following pre-sue services:

  • Pre-sue Standard – Letter to your debtor
  • Pre-sue Plus – Letter + an e-mail
  • Pre-Sue Extra – Letter + a text (+ e-mail if e-mail address is known)

To instruct a pre-sue letter, please click the link below and we will begin the process right away.

Instruct a pre-sue letter
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What next?

If no payment is received after seven days, you can then decide whether to take court action (although there is no obligation to do so). Our team will keep you up-to-date on the progress of your case at all times, and are available to discuss the best way forward and your next steps.

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