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Whatever the scale of your business, we are specialists in recovering disputed and undisputed debts.

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Quick, efficient recovery of regulated and unregulated debt

Recovering a debt from an individual can be difficult. On the face of it, your debtor may appear to have few assets; however, experience tells us that that your debtor may well have more assets than first thought.

We can recover assets which are regulated under Consumer Credit Legislation, including vehicle repossessions and heritable repossessions (freehold), all maximising the chances of making a successful recovery.

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Asset recovery

Our team can carry out a property search to ascertain if your debtor owns their own property and, if so, gain an indication of the property’s value. For vehicle repossessions, we can determine the registered keeper of the vehicle and whether the vehicle is subject to any finance. If the vehicle has been purchased on Hire Purchase, moves can be made to repossess the vehicle.

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Addressing Concerns About Your Debtor's Solvency?

If you find yourself in pursuit of debtors, you're likely not alone in your efforts. We understand the importance of positioning yourself at the forefront to maximise your chances of recovery.

If you harbour specific concerns about the solvency of your debtors, it's crucial to take proactive steps. Contact us today to discuss your concerns and explore strategic solutions that prioritise your chances of successful recovery.

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